CIID is coming to Japan!

Thursday, 3rd Oct 2019

Postcard SS-TYO 2020

Transformation. It’s not just a trendy buzzword; it’s the result of a growth mindset and a capacity for lifelong learning. At CIID, transformation is at the core of our participants’ experiences.

Join us this February in Tokyo and be the catalyst for creating the change you seek in your own life and career.

This is the premise of CIID Summer School: Give people with varying levels of design expertise the tools and skills needed to prototype new ideas for a fast-changing world. Our curated workshops on life-centred design and innovation, led by world-renowned faculty, focus on making impact toward the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Hands-on learning and collaboration are central to the curriculum. Workshops are taught by professionals who practice their craft daily. Participants come from all around the world and from all walks of life—chefs and bankers, students and pharmacists—to learn everything from life-centred research to how to control objects using Arduino.

At the end of the programme, participants head home with much more than increased insight into user needs or the knowledge of how to prototype a new service. They come back with a deeper understanding of how to work differently—the ability to make a difference.

“There were things I learned that changed my career and my life,” says one recent participant. “Had I not joined CIID Summer School, it would not have been possible.”

Enrol in our upcoming Summer School workshops here.

Want to be part of our success in Tokyo? Get in touch:

CIID @TechFestival

Thursday, 22nd Aug 2019

Unforeseeable Futures, Ethics and New Technologies

Join us in this session to create a space and a structure for people to talk with one another about ethics, and to share practical viewpoints on ethics as it relates to new connected technology.

We aim to enable our participants to question assumptions of what ethics means and how it relates to their life and work and to share our work on project VIRTEU. It combines research and design in new technology and ethics, as well as our project’s framework for thinking about ethics in relation to building new technology. For example, the use of futurescaping to imagine unpredictable impacts.

Saturday, Sep 7
13:00 — 15:00

Meatpacking District

Interaction Design Programme in Costa Rica

Thursday, 1st Aug 2019

We have chosen Costa Rica as the first location for our Interaction Design Programme outside of Denmark because the country is home to a staggering 6 percent of the world’s biodiversity. This makes it the perfect place to focus on life-centred solutions.

It’s effectively the same programme we run in Copenhagen: same faculty, same network – different context.

Our aim is to combine the potential of the most diverse ecology with thought leadership in design. We want to learn from and build upon progressive innovation including the fact that the region currently generates more than 99 percent of its electricity using renewable sources.

The CIID Studio will be based in the neighborhood of Barrio Escalante and we’re working directly with architects at Gensler to create an amazing learning environment. We will publish some images of how it will look soon. It’s being designed specifically around the needs of our collaborative, hands-on approach education including the digital fabrication lab which is intrinsic to the work we do.

Find out more about the programme and apply here:

Webinar – IDP in Costa Rica (Aug 1st)

Thursday, 1st Aug 2019


Alie Rose, Head of Education at CIID – will be doing a webinar (on Aug 1st) and answering questions about our full-time, one year Interaction Design Programme due to start in Costa Rica in February.

We’re really excited about the prospect of CIID landing in San Jose and we’re looking for amazing group of multi-disciplinary, international people to join us.

If you’re interested in finding out more, sign-up here and we’ll see you on zoom.

IDP in Costa Rica from CIID IDP on Vimeo.


Friday, 5th Apr 2019



Transformations in design practice between the Dotcom Crash and the rise of machine intelligence.

As technology becomes more complex and opaque, how will we as designers understand its potential, do hands-on work, translate it into forms people can understand and use, and lead meaningful conversations with manufacturers and policymakers about its downstream implications? We are entering a new technology landscape shaped by artificial intelligence, advanced robotics and synthetic biology.

Historically, design has transformed and generated new disciplines during times of fast technological change. Through conversations led by Tellart, this project explores and documents transformations in design between the Dotcom Crash and the rise of machine intelligence. Through reflections on key projects from this period and interviews with a community of today’s top design practitioners, Design Nonfiction explores the future of design practice. It emphasises the timeless need to make the invisible visible and the immaterial tangible, in order to sketch and build with emerging technologies.

CIID’s Simona Maschi is one of the amazing group of people interviewed for this series. Tellart will initially release 7 interviews: Kevin Slavin, and then Rory Hyde, Daisy Ginsberg, Molly Steenson, Casey Reas, Aaron Koblin and Matt Jones.

These will go live when they have a launch event at MU in Eindhoven on 18 April. The launch party will have Jack Schulze, Daisy Ginsberg, Tea Uglow, Zaza Zuilhof and Matt Cottam giving short presentations followed by an hour of panel discussion moderated by Rory Hyde. Please join if you can!

There will then be 3-4 more interviews per month all year — people can subscribe at to receive them for free, each month (all CC license).


Exhibition runs 22 March – 22 April

Launch Event is 18 April, 2019
arrive at 19:30
Introduction/Presentations/Panel: 20:00
Drinks: 22:30


MU artspace
Torenallee 40-06
5617 BD Eindhoven
The Netherlands

This August, join us in Costa Rica for a life-changing learning experience!

Friday, 22nd Mar 2019


This August, join us in Costa Rica for a life-changing learning experience!

Here is why:

  • You will expand your capacity for innovation and gain design tools and skills that can be applied immediately to your work or life.
  • You will meet industry experts, curious learners, and visionary professionals from all over the world, who will revamp and enrich your perspective to collaboration and approach to solving problems.
  • You will experience a country that has 5% of the world’s biodiversity and generates more than 99% of its electricity using renewable energy!

This year we have a two-week programme hosted by two different locations in Costa Rica:

  • The first week we will be in San José at the Omar Dengo Foundation where we will experience the vibe of the country’s colourful capital.
  • The second week will be in the jungle at the La Selva reserve, where we will be immersed in Costa Rica’s biodiversity and the greenest areas you will ever see.

These two settings will spark intensive learning experiences and offer different environments for exploring life-centred design, where people and planet are at the centre of the innovation process.

Just bring your enthusiasm, an open mind, and a desire to create meaningful & thought-provoking projects with a diverse group of people!

CIID Summer Schools take place in Copenhagen, Costa Rica, and India, and are open to people of all backgrounds. All of the workshops are taught under the umbrella of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals and by world-class visiting faculty.

Take advantage of the Super Early Bird for CIID Summer School Costa Rica until May 10th.

Read more here!


Deadline approaching for IDP applications!

Monday, 11th Feb 2019

IDP application

Interested in learning how to design for positive impact?

Apply for CIID’s Interaction Design Programme (IDP) Costa Rica 2019 (starting in Sept) and the IDP Copenhagen 2020 (starting in Jan).

Application deadline approaching! Find out more

We place faith in diversity of experience, thinking and culture – and impart skills for teamwork, communication and collaboration, not just technical and design skills. Following a rigorous selection process, we select people from all over the world to participate in our Interaction Design Programme (IDP). Each person brings individual skills with them and the IDP is an effective platform for peer-to-peer learning.

Through an intense curriculum, participants are taught to identify opportunities and to create new applications for technology – but more importantly to humanise technology – through the creation of meaningful, pragmatic and socially relevant concepts that will have a positive impact on people and the planet.

It’s summer somewhere – CIID workshops around the world

Friday, 18th Jan 2019


OG SS-CR 2019

Are you still learning? Once you’re out of school and in a job, it’s easy to fall into a routine and repurpose what you already know. But the moment you stop pushing yourself, curb your sense of curiosity and wonder, you stop growing. Your brain is like a shark. It must constantly move in order to stay alive. No one wants to be a dead shark.

At the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID), we are committed to a course of lifelong learning. Many of our students have already landed plum jobs in companies you’ve heard of. They work across industries as scientists, engineers, philosophers, designers, marketers, journalists, and a host of other disciplines. While they had what might have looked like fulfilling careers from the outside, something was missing.

When asked, many say they didn’t know exactly what drew them to design. But they all wanted to learn a new set of tools. At CIID Summer School (which will take place this year in Copenhagen and Costa Rica) you do just that. Our hands-on workshops, led by renowned teachers from around the world, will show you how to apply human-centred research, quickly prototype and test your ideas, and arrive at breakthrough ideas that solve for real world needs.

One 2018 Summer School participant had this to say: “I attended two workshops: People Centred Research and Design for Behaviour and Impact. Attending lectures facilitated by talented and experienced faculty members was a great experience. Frequent interactions with the participants and faculty members plus weekly ‘lightning talks’ gave a sneak peak into their amazing work. Learnings from lectures and projects have given me a different perspective to look at my work. Sometimes you are so caught up in your work that you forget to take a break, reflect on your work, upgrade your skills and take up new challenges. The summer school was such a break for me.” —Tejal @Instagram

Bringing design skills back to work—or pursuing an entirely new path—can feel like you have a hidden superpower. You will be equipped with a new way of seeing, and that capacity has the potential to impact your life in ways you may never have imagined.

Apply now and enjoy Early Bird rates for Copenhagen and Super Early Bird rates for Costa Rica!


Wednesday, 9th Jan 2019

CIID Professional Programmes testimonials from CIID on Vimeo.

When something doesn’t work, it’s a design problem. There may be simple fixes, but until you talk to the people using that thing, your work to improve it is no better than a hunch.

But there’s a smart way to take the guesswork out of problem-solving, and it’s available to anyone, working across domains and disciplines—from business to health care to government.

In these courses, you’ll gain a working knowledge of the designer’s tools and approach: practicing people-centred research to gather insights about users; turning those insights into quick, hands-on prototypes; testing your ideas; and iterating until you find the ideal product-market fit.  

Join us at one of our professional programmes and impress your team with some exciting new ways of thinking.

Seeking Optimists for a Brighter Future

Monday, 31st Dec 2018


We may not have much sunshine this time of year, but the night sky will be erupting with bright lights. For six days a year, fireworks are legal in Denmark, and in typical fashion, Copenhageners go big.

The all-night pyrotechnic blowout can feel like a personal celebration for us here at CIID, as we thank our partners—companies and organisations with whom we worked in 2018—for doing such inspiring work, and watch our graduating class ship off as newly minted interaction designers.

There were so many firsts this year:

  1. We brought our summer school to Kochi, India in partnership with the Kerala Startup Mission and other educational programmes to six different countries, including Costa Rica and Greece.
  2. We did a deep dive with Cookpad to find ways to make home cooking more fun.

  3. We peered into the near future and designed meaningful interactions in social VR with Mozilla’s Hubs team, helping them prototype ways to unlock the creativity of the 3D internet community.

  4. We explored the power of design when applied to ethics and inclusion and tackled a broad spectrum of modern challenges through machine learning and AI and mixed reality.

  5. With the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals always in our sights, we focused on partnerships with forward-thinking companies looking to make real impact in both the near and the long-term.

  6. Knowing that the planetary disruptions we feel are real and ineradicable, we created a foundation to act on climate adaptation, led by Francesca Desmarais. In 2019, we hope to partner with organisations who are tackling big questions like how might we help reduce the vulnerability that humans will feel as a result of climate change?

Though we doubt Denmark will become a summer paradise anytime soon, it’s clear that we have to transform from being people-centred to being life-centred to protect this place we call home.

And while we have no crystal ball, we are eternal optimists: We expect 2019 to be a year when companies and individuals use the power of designers and technology to push for progress, create breakthrough ideas, and bring some of Denmark’s happy way of living to people everywhere.

Nice to meet you, 2019! Let’s build something together.