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Biodesign Challenge Summit 2021

Friday, 18th Jun 2021

Join on June 21-25 for the BDC Summit 2021. Students will showcase their biotech projects before an international audience and panel of 60 pioneers in art, design, and technology – including CIID’s Alie Rose.

Tune in to see student projects, live Q&As with judges, and talks by keynote speakers. View the list of participating schools.

Biodesigned Founder Daniel Grushkin says:

“Biotechnology is spreading into every aspect of our lives—from our materials to our everyday products. As it becomes ubiquitous, society needs interdisciplinary thinkers to understand biotech’s impact and to come up with the next solutions. BDC bridges art, design, and biotech to develop the first generation of professionals who cross disciplines, anticipate promises and pitfalls, and engage the public in dialogue about the broader implications of emerging biotech.

Future designers must fully understand the debates surrounding biotech so when they are asked to design with it, they do so thoughtfully and ethically. To thrive, we need a multiplicity of perspectives across disciplinary, professional, and cultural backgrounds”.

Good Luck to all the participants!

Core77 Design Awards 2021 – 3 IDP Projects!

Thursday, 17th Jun 2021


No less than three Interaction Design Programme 2020/21 alumni have had their work recognized at this year’s Core 77 Design Awards. Take a look at the projects and take the time to vote

A big round of applause for all of their hard work goes to….

Ana Acevedo – Luci Lab (Student Winner – Interaction Award) Crusa Scholar


Due to strong gender stereotypes, many girls in Latin America don’t identify with STEM subjects. This makes it more difficult for them to select careers in these fields in the future. This becomes a factor that increases the gap in gender equality and economic growth, especially in more vulnerable communities. Luci Lab is an exploration to address this challenge.

Read more and vote here.


Norris Hung – New Seed Society (Student Winner – Service Design Award)


The New Seed Society is a holistic program that seeks to accelerate the creation of regenerative businesses in Central America in order to promote more resilient rural communities in the face of a changing climate.

The ideal participants are budding entrepreneurs from rural women groups and those with a background in agriculture, business, or tourism who want to stay in or return to rural communities. Through mentorship and peer-to-peer learning, the focus is to help participants flush out their vision, establish their business, build out their farm, and help other farmers to do the same.

Read more and vote here.


Jose Chavarría – Interface (Student Runner Up – Speculative Design Award)


Interface is an exploration on how to change the human perception of reality. The masks swap a human sense with a non-human sense inspired by three different animals – which enables us to embody the way these other creatures perceive the world.

Read more and vote here.






CIID Virtual Exhibition @ The Museum of Interactivity

Tuesday, 23rd Mar 2021


CIID Interaction Design Programme 2020-21 

Virtual Exhibition @ The Museum of Interactivity 

The live event is closed, but visit the museum here!

Friday, March 26th (Live for 3 hours):  07:00-10:00 San Francisco (PDT — Pacific Daylight Time) / 08:00-11:00 Costa Rica / 15:00-18:00 Denmark / 19:30-22:30 India / 22:00-01:00 Singapore / Hong Kong 23:00:02:00 Japan

The Museum of Interactivity will showcase final projects from the graduates from our inaugural Interaction Design Programme (IDP) in Costa Rica.

Covering environmental and social issues, art, education and the extension of the human senses – the projects demonstrate the multi-disciplinary, exploratory, and potentially disruptive nature of Interaction Design.

This is a fantastic opportunity to be inspired by projects that have taken a life-centered approach in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals – and to meet and network with the designers (who will be available on zoom/hangout) in real-time. 

We hope that these projects won’t stop at this exhibition and that some of these concepts  will transform into actual products and services that will impact positively on people and the planet.

The Museum of Interactivity (MoI) is a virtual space that collects past and present ideas about interaction design. The MoI wants to be a place of inspiration for the next generation of creators of interactions. If you were not able to make it to the live virtual exhibition the projects will remain up on the link above.


Find out more about the Interaction Design Programme and admissions: http://ciid.dk/education/interaction-design-programme/


If you are not able to make it to the live virtual exhibition the projects will remain up on the MoI and will be posted on the CIID website after the live event.

Celebrate Arduino’s Birthday with CIID

Tuesday, 23rd Mar 2021


Arduino Day is a worldwide birthday celebration of Arduino – organized directly by the community together with the Arduino team. It brings people together to share their experiences and learn more about the open-source platform.

CIID will be hosting two types of events on Saturday, March 27th.

You can select which one you’d like to attend here!

1. Global Virtual Arduino Event:

Time: 8:00 am to 11:30 am
A fast-paced, fun series of talks by recent graduates and faculty of the Interaction Design Programme who will share some of their physical computing and connected objects projects done over the past year. Some of the projects are experimental and others are meant to create a more meaningful dialogue. Either way, we hope to inspire and share knowledge with those who are interested in prototyping and the tangibility of technology.

2. In-Person Arduino Event

Time: 8:00 am to 1:00 pm
We are offering a limited amount of seats for people to join us at the CIID studio in Costa Rica to meet some of the team, watch the talks – and take a look at our digital fabrication lab which has been generously supported by the CRUSA Foundation.

Come and see our space, bring a mask, enjoy some good snacks and drinks in our beautiful court-yard – and maybe even try out some of the tools and machines!

Due to COVID protocols we are offering a limited amount of seats. If you sign up and are unable to join, please let us know so we can free your spot.


Speculative Futures San Jose

Tuesday, 23rd Mar 2021


The second speculative Futures San Jose meet-up

Yvette Montero Salvatico & Frank Spencer will speak about the democratization of social security with a special emphasis on the Latin American context.

Both are professional futurists with experience working in leading organizations around the world.  They are also leaders at Kedge and The Futures School, where they teach foresight practices to professionals around the world.

 Join this talk and time for discussion on March 24 at 6 pm CST.

The talk will be in English with questions and answers in Spanish.


Twitter: @Futures_SJO
Instagram: futures_sjo