Stefano Marzano

Business Week (USA) named Stefano one of the four global ‘Best Leaders of 2005ʼ for Innovation. In 2001 was awarded the World Technology Award for Design( World Technology Network). In 1998, his team Philips Design wins the Design Team of the Year Award.(Germany). Stefano joined Philips in Italy in 1973 (Domestic Appliances) and moved to the Netherlands, as Design Leader for Data Systems&Telecom Division in 1978. Returned to Italy in 1982 to direct Philips-Ire Design and in 1989, he became VP of Corporate Design Whirlpool. Stefano was the Chief Design Officer and Executive Vice President of Royal Philips and Chief Executive Officer of Philips Design for 20 years (1991-2011). In 2012 became Chief Design Officer & Member of the Group Management of Electrolux. From 2015 Stefano is consultant on Innovation, Strategy, Design & Architecture.

Stefano is a speaker at international conferences. He is the author or editor of a number of books on his Philips Design and his humanistic philosophy. These books include Flying over Las Vegas (1992), Television at the Crossroads (1994), Vision of the Future (1996), Creating Value by Design: Thoughts and Facts (1998), City, People, Light (1997), Past Tense, Future Sense – 80 Years of Design at Philips (2005), and The New Everyday: Views on Ambient Intelligence (2003).

In addition Stefano was Professor at Domus Academy in Milan and member of the Academyʼs Strategic Board until 1998. In 1999-2001 was Visiting Professor at Milan PolyDesign. He helped to create the Faculty of Design at the TUe (The Netherlands), where he chaired the Advisory Board for 10 years. Stefano is the founding Dean of THNK, The Amsterdam School of Creative Leadership and member of the CIID , Copenhagen Institute Interaction Design, advisory board.

Stefano ( Italy, in 1950 )graduated from the Milan Polytechnic with a Doctorate in Architecture, received two Honorary Doctorates in Design, the first from University ‘La Sapienzaʼ in Rome, Italy (2008) and the second from the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong (2009).