Michael McKay

Nationality: Danish

Michael currently works as UX Director for PayPal in Silicon Valley. Driving a cultural change of the 100+ designers to turn Design Thinking and Customer Driven Innovation into strategic pillars. Building the Design Foundation, covering a renewed culture, approach to design spaces and a design system of practice and communication.

Known for successfully introducing User Driven Innovation and co-creation cultures in large size organizations. Mobile device strategy created as a blend of user insight and technology opportunity.

Worked in a variety of the product development roles primarily at Nokia Inc. Building highly innovative teams with significant impact on the Telecom Industry.

Developed a high level understanding of Digital Design Language at Yahoo! Inc.

During his time in the industry, Michael has understood the essence of what brings successful innovation to market; that innovation happens when a strong, systematic approach to development is balanced with a highly disruptive creative process harnessed in cross functional teams. This is the baseline.

Michael is driven by the urge to create. In order to create he has developed skills for Leading creative processes, Making creative processes, Leading creative people and Delivering creative products.