David Rose

Nationality: US

Product designer, serial entrepreneur, MIT Media Lab researcher

Recently, David has been back at MIT working on ways to elegantly embed technology in furniture.

Previously, he co-founded and was CEO at Vitality, a wireless healthcare company that makes the award-winning GlowCap, the first Internet-connected medication packaging. Vitality was acquired in 2011 by bio-tech billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong.

David enjoy speaking at conferences and to companies about experience design, product innovation and the future of things that think–he calls them Enchanted Objects.

In 2002, he cofounded and was CEO of Ambient Devices which embeds Internet information in everyday objects like the Ambient Orb, umbrellas, and digital post-it notes, to track the weather, pollen, traffic, and energy consumption.

In 1999 he founded Viant’s Innovation Center, an advanced technology group for Fortune 500s including Sony, GM, Schwab, Sprint and Kinkos, and helped build Viant to over 900 people and a successful IPO.

In 1997 David patented online photo-sharing with Neil Mayle and founded Opholio (acquired by FlashPoint Technology).

In 1992 he started Interactive Factory (acquired by RDW Group) which creates interactive museum exhibits, educational software and smart toys, including the award-winning LEGO Mindstorms Robotic Invention System.

David studied physics and fine art at St. Olaf College, then got his masters at Harvard. He has taught interaction design at Yale, Information visualization at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and a popular course in tangible user interfaces at the MIT Media Lab with Hiroshi Ishii.

David sings with the Boston Symphony Orchestra in the Tanglewood Festival Chorus, and with the Copley Singers.