3 CIID projects win Core 77 awards!

Monday, 12th Jun 2017

We are pleased to announce that three projects from CIID have received honours in the Core77 Design Awards 2017.
The projects are from the Interaction Design Program and Research — a notable celebration of the richness and brilliance of our house.
Highlighting the wide reach of CIID’s design process, the recognised projects ranged from the categories of Interaction to Strategy & Research.

We also want to congratulate core faculty member Matt Cottam and Tellart on their Notable Interaction award for the Museum of the Future!

The Internet Phone, by Isak Frostå, Sebastian Hunkeler, Jens Obel, and James Zhou is the student winner of the Interaction category.
“What if you could experience the internet by using a screen-less and physical interface? The Internet Phone makes the intangible processes of the internet tangible. You can access websites with the nostalgic interface of a rotary phone. Look up the IP address of the website you want to call in a special cyber directory, dial the twelve digit IP address using the rotary, and wait for your website to be read out loud in the receiver. And if you are feeling adventurous, you can enhance your experience with four different mode tokens – article, developer, incognito, and history.”


media-20170612 (1)

Objectifier, by Bjørn Karmann, won the student runner up of the Interaction category.
“Objectifier empowers people to train objects in their daily environment to respond to their unique behaviours. It gives an experience of training an artificial intelligence; a shift from a passive consumer to an active, playful director of domestic technology. Interacting with Objectifier is much like training a dog – you teach it only what you want it to care about. Just like a dog, it sees and understands its environment.”



Mechanisms for Talking, by CIID Research, won the Runner Up in the Strategy & Research category.
“Talking Mechanisms” is one part of a European Union project, CoHERE, to explore the differences in how people across Europe represent their heritage and identity. The projects explores how heritage can lead to common ground with others, but in the increasingly hostile and tense climate – from religion to EU exit politics – heritage and identity can twist, undermine and break relations between culturally diverse audiences.”

Congratulations to all of these honorees. And, the awards are still open — take a minute and vote your favourite project for the Community Choice Prize!