CIID at Design Decode in Mexico

Sunday, 1st Sep 2013


Jamie Allen and Paolo Patelli from CIID Research will be workshopping an experimental platform that allows participants to “sniff” and sonify the social strata online activity, layering this into the city and workshop space of Design DECODE.

The approach is a kind of ‘decoding’ of social networks, into the real space of the city of Monterrey, through audio, via both GPS coordinates and links to Twitter, Facebook, etc. The workshop should be as exciting as it is provocative, as it can serve to generate voice and political/critical and experimental views of the city as a space for network-augmented interactions.
Dates: Aug 29th – Sept 1st

Aside from the workshop, Jamie will give a talk at the DECODE conference on Saturday, August 30th, entitled “Interacting Infrastructures.”

If you happen to be at the conference or in the area, please make sure you say hello!

In Spanish:

Jamie Allen y Paolo Patelli (CIID)
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