DESIGNING INTERACTIONS: Beginners’ Guide to Arduino by Razan Sadeq

Sunday, 30th Jun 2013


From 24 to 30 June, Beirut Design Week 2013 will be held across Beirut City, featuring exhibitions, conferences, workshops and open studios showcasing the work of local and international designers operating within Lebanon.

CIID Alum – Razan Sadeq – will be leading a workshop to teach people how to use Arduino.

DESIGNING INTERACTIONS: Beginners’ Guide to Arduino

Arduino devices open up the exciting new world of interactive objects, making real-world applications available for everybody to explore. The possible uses of these micro-controllers are limitless – all you need to add is your imagination and a will to give it a go. Imagine a lamp that flickers like a candle when the wind passes by, bakery that can instantly send a tweet to its followers to tell them when their yummy baked goods are fresh out of the oven, or fridge magnets that controls your music.

Now Imagine what you can do with it! Participants of the workshop will be introduced to the Arduino platform and create gadgets using sensors and simple circuit building techniques. Each participant will receive a starter kit including a development board and the most common and useful electronic components. All you need to bring is a computer, ideally a laptop, with a recent version of Linux, Windows or OSX installed. Some programming background is useful, but not essential; if you’ve ever written Javascript, Pascal, C, C++, Java or Actionscript, you’ll find the Arduino programming language very familiar.

DATES: WED 26 & THU JUNE 27 FROM 10:00 AM TO 2:00 PM

LOCATION: Karaj / Lamba Labs, Mar Mikhael /FEE: $50

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